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    Mar 5

    SOCIAL DISTANCING: A huge price to pay in Education

    The measures introduced since the Covid-19 has dealt the education sector an enormous blow which many would not be comfortable to talk about soon. Social distancing in the school environment meant that the schools needed to find a way of running timetables that are staggered to give space for this social distancing method. Some schools opted for a one week in and one week out in a bid to accommodate both social distancing and class attendance. Well-resourced schools worked...

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    Feb 4

    The widening gap in education

    The covid-19 pandemic has amplified the widening gap in basic education acquisition in South Africa. Last year I indicated in one of my Facebook posts that the greatest challenge of education during the covid era is the existing inequality among South Africans and the understaffing in schools. These two factors continue to create challenges which render all the daily spinning of education officials irrelevant and unproductive. Let me show you how the two factors continue to...

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    Dec 5

    It's not the Grade 12 results that determine a functional School

    Every time I ask a school principal a question about the functionality of their school, I always get the grade 12 pass rate. I have also come to realize that even parents make the same mistake when they choose the school for their children, especially at high school level. This is a wrong approach and a wrong narrative punted by education officials, especially at the highest level. There is more to the functioning of a school.

    Few years ago when the education department in...

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    Oct 31

    Is the government capable of resuscitating the hope of South Africans?

    The government of the African National Congress has been embroiled in all sorts of scandals in the recent past. The “lost 10 years” as many have made reference to the Zuma era has set the stage for a serious decline of the ethical and moral compass of the post-apartheid era. A glimmer of hope came in when President Cyril Ramaphosa was elected its president leading to the early exit of former president Jacob Zuma. The economic challenges that the government is facing at the...

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